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Have you noticed? Life happens.

People and organizations do their level best to control it (Really?), trick it or wrestle the sucker to the ground.  But it’s just exhausting. What if, instead, we could embrace the ride and choose.  There’s a feeling that comes with living and working this way. 

“Bring it on!”


This is the feeling that inspires us, regardless of – and often in the face of – challenging circumstances and events. This is the feeling that fuels the courage to become who we are. This is that feeling of being fully alive and engaged.


So what are these choices?


Choice #1: What will you focus on and amplify?

What do you choose to notice and give your sustained attention to? What is the dominant story you choose to tell about yourself and others? This determines “where you stand.” And where you stand determines what you can see.

Choice #2: What will you imagine and expect?

That is, what is the movie that you play on the movie screen of your mind? Is it a movie you choose or is it running on a habitual and never-ending loop? Do you know how to change it?

Choice #3: What will you do?

We mistakenly think this should be #1, but whether we like it or not, our actions – at least the ones that matter – always flow from our dominant thoughts and expectations. When you take care of the first two choices first, the result is what we call “inspired action.” And inspired action beats slugging it out every time.


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