Getting from ‘what is’ to what is possible…

Life happens. Have you noticed? 

People and organizations do their level best to control it (Really?), prevent it, trick it or wrestle the sucker to the ground.  But it’s just exhausting. What if, instead, we could embrace the ride, choose our focus, and be inspired to action.  There’s a feeling that comes with living and working this way. 


“Bring it on!”


This is the feeling that inspires us, regardless of – and often in the face of – challenging circumstances and events. This is the feeling that fuels the courage to become who we are. The birthplace of resiliency and courage, vulnerability and hope, this is that feeling of being fully alive and engaged.

Strengths in Focus is about discovering how, no matter history or circumstances, we can move from “what is” to what is possible. 


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