Inspiring people and organizations
to see strengths differently


An innovative leader in the field of strengths-based resiliency, Chris Trout empowers organizations, businesses and individuals to understand and leverage their strengths to achieve extraordinary outcomes, both internally and externally.

Equally at home with CEOs or educators, seasoned leaders or ground-zero helping professionals, Chris has that rare ability to reach audiences through both head and heart. He moves effortlessly from foundational research (which somehow never feels “research-y”) to stories that magically speak to the unique experience of each audience member. He speaks the truth in a way that people can hear and immediately translate to their own reality.

Chris’ insights are the result of a decades-long, in-the-trenches exploration of resiliency and the transformational power of hidden strengths. He inspires, informs and guides the audience to a new way of seeing – lighting the desire for a new way of being and doing.

This is the birthplace of engagement, performance and outcomes you had never thought possible.

As a consultant, Chris will not advise you on how to tinker around the edges. He will notice what no one else has noticed. He will shed light on strengths that no one knew existed. And he will engage your leaders in the “thrill of the ride” that comes when they know their “why” and assume 100% responsibility for their vision.

Whether “you” are an individual, a leadership team or a large organization, Chris will turn on the light that has no off-switch, equipping you with the insights and tools that change everything.

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